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How to create a backup of the firewall:

How to build an email with attachment with bash and openssl:

How to send an email via Netcat:

How to enable daylight saving time on Huawei Switches: CEST:

SolarWinds sell a great solution for monitoring your network and your servers, but regarding the maintenance of the server itself or its database, there is a leak. After serveral months of intensive utilization, indexes from all tables become fragmented and the responsiveness from the SolarWinds Orion decrease a lot. At the beginning, in less than 10 seconds everything was finished but now, you can have a break and take a coffee and be back to see slowly the result. I decided to build a script (Basic MS SQL) to select the most fragmented table (and the most heavy) and to build the “Rebuild script”.

It’s not perfect (it’s crappy, I know) but it solved my problem.