Monthly Archives: October 2016

UCS Performance Manager is another “wonderful” product of Cisco for monitoring your physical and virtual infrastructure. Requirements: 8 vCPUs 40 GB of memory The upgrade should be easy, but it’s not. My upgrade process was stuck due to the process zenmail blocked in running mode. Then to be able to upgrade I had to open 2 shell sessions: 1 with the upgrade process 1 with the root shell During the process, I have got a quick look at /mnt/cdrom/

The script was hanging every time, it had to stop all services with serviced daemon. After a quick look, the interesting line was: serviced service status --show-fields 'Status' 2>/dev/null | grep -v "Stopped" | grep -v "Status" | grep -v ^[[:space:]]*$ During 60 retries, the result was “Running” but to go further, it should be “Stopped”. One service was still running every time: zenmail To stop the zenmail process:

Select the serviceID and execute the following command: serviced service stop 6bnlfl5qzog18j4mrnxszllyx Then wait till the end of the…

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