Monthly Archives: September 2016

Instead of passwords managed locally, It’s time to use an LDAP/Active Directory to be able to manage users without restarting the Prime Service Catalog. This modification has been done on a Custom Installation of Cisco Prime Service Catalog 11.1.1 Patch 3 and should be compatible with 11.2 (future version) as well. First, make a backup of your configuration directory (on our environment, we use git with gitlab Community Edition, to keep an history of all our modifications). Location:  /opt/cisco-psc/wildfly-8.2.0.Final/ServiceCatalogServer/configuration File to edit:  standalone-full.xml Edit the section security-realm and change the subsection ManagementRealm like this:

Edith the section security-domains and add a subsection security-domain like this:

And a file containing the mapping between a specific usersgroup and the management group in Wildfly like this:

Then restart the Service Catalog with  systemctl restart servicecatalog And you should be able to log in with an user defined on your LDAP/ActiveDIrectory server.